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You are your own Best Asset!

Get Past the Gatekeepers - Maintain the Right Relationships
You will meet with the Decision Makers of the Buying Companies, the people who can place orders, give you insight to their customers, and make calls on the spot.  You are guaranteed one-on-one meetings with these pre-screened buyers in an atmosphere you control, away from over-crowded showroom floors.  Additionally, all meals and networking events are conducted on-site, in a group setting, for multiple premium networking opportunities.  

Effectively Introducing your Innovation for Faster Roll Outs
Getting your brand to market quickly and efficiently can make all the difference between a product’s monstrous success or getting lost in the crowd.  Whether it’s a completely new offering or an improvement on an existing concept, meeting with your industry's leading buyers while closing the sales guarantees additional product visibility and bragging rights on product placement.  

Cost is Key
Our conferences are the Best Return on Investment when it comes to your trade show and sales call budgets.  We offer invitation-only, one-on-one meetings that take place in private suites. You will be given advance profiles on every pre-screened buyer you will meet with in order to aid in the identification of common goals. You control the setting of the suite including displays, sample distribution, atmosphere, and whatever else for your best impression.  Buyers move from suite to suite for pre-arranged, time-controlled meetings.  Typical trade shows do not offer all these benefits, and charge more for what services they do offer. 

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