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You Are Your Own Best Asset! 

At SSE Group, we’ve developed our entire business model super-serving business owners just like you. Let us show you the efficiencies we’ve created to support your Business’ Success: 

Scheduling Your Time with Us Efficiently
With SSE Group, you don’t waste your time on unannounced sales calls or over-crowded showroom floors. It is only one-on-one meetings with Pre-Screened Suppliers that will live up to their commitments to you

Early Exposure to the Best Industry Innovations
The Smoke Shop Industry is incredibly competitive.  Staying relevant to your customers while maintaining an edge over your competition is imperative to your success. Our Exhibitors know the value of your time.  They know you seeing their latest products and sneak-previews of what is to come can create a win/win for both parties.   That’s why the cost of your time with us is 100% covered by the Exhibitors’ fees.

Capitalizing on Leadership – Yours and Theirs!
Our Exhibitors know that our shows provide remarkable results above those of typical trade shows. Relationships formed at SSE Group last!  That’s why Exhibitors send their Top Executives and Owners.  You will meet with the Decision Makers of the Exhibiting Companies. These are the people who can offer special pricing for you, deals exclusive to this event, and make calls on the spot. 

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